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Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller & Studio Retailer
At TSB Studio, we have a team of expert photographers and videographers. Nothing shows your brand’s story better than the quality of photos and videos devised by editors to ensure that the right story is portrayed in your symbolism for your website or social media platforms. 

Films, Youtube Videos, Testimonial Videos, Shortfilm, Documentaries &

much more.

Model Photography, Product Photography,

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award winning


award winning | short film

Watch the short film "Why" directed by Raghav. A Crowd Funded Kannada Short Film.

Co-Director: Prashanth Raj | Associate Director : Prajwal | Assistant Director : Hanamanth M Paragond | Concept & Story : Anand Muniraju | Screenplay : Raghav. C | Script Advisor : Rajshekhar Akki | Dialogues : Roopa Gururaj & Anand Muniraju | Lyrics : Prathap, Story Board : Shivanand | Subtitles : Anand Muniraju, Subtitles QC : Sandeep

Casting : Raghav C, Inchara srinivas, Prajwal, Shivanand, Arpitha Nayak, Ritwik Sengupta, Manoj & Deviprasad.